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Dog Policy

Dog Policy

  • Some cottages allow dogs and other do not so please make sure you reserve a dog friendly cottage if you plan on bringing a dog

  • All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times whenever outside the cottage.

  • Dogs are not permitted to be tied up outside the cottage and must be accompanied by a person at all times when outside.

  • There is an additional dog fee of $100 for each booking. 

  • Only one dog is permitted per cottage. No cats or other pets are permitted.

  • Dogs larger than 80lbs are not permitted on the resort property.

  • All dogs must be vaccinated, and proof of vaccination must be submitted no later than one week prior to your arrival date. The following vaccinations are required:

    • Rabbies​

    • Parvo/Distemper (DHLPPC)

    • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and/or current titer immunity status

  • Guests are responsible for any property damages caused by their dog and a minimum charge of $250 will be applied to cover damages.

  • Guests must pick up after their dogs on resort property.

  • When leaving the cottage for any activity without your dog, we kindly ask that you have proper accommodations (crate or carrier) to ensure there will be no damage done to the cottage and notify the property manager in advance in the event an issue arises.

  • Please take our other guests into consideration. Should your dog become disruptive, please excuse yourselves and calm your dog so everyone can have an enjoyable stay.

  • Dogs are allowed on the eastern portion of the beach (the fire pit area) from sunrise until 11:30AM. After 11:30AM, no dogs are allowed on the beach. 

  • Guests are responsible for any noise that the dog creates and will ensure that the dog does not disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other guests. Should the property manager determine, at his/her sole discretion, that the dog is disruptive to other guests, the guest must immediately make other arrangements to house the dog
    outside the Cottages property. 

  • The Cottages may exclude a pet if, at the Cottage’s sole discretion, the pet is considered dangerous or likely to frighten, harm or disrupt hotel guests or employees.

  • Please visit or other local kennels to look through local dog boarding options & requirements prior to your arrival in the event that your dog needs to leave the property


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